Happy Mother’s Day from Us!

We spend a lot of time here at the Soup Kitchen of Muncie planning meals that nourish the body and lift the spirits of our guests. You might say it’s second nature for us: our #1, go-to way to make things better is a hot, delicious meal. The same could be said for another group of people – mothers.

Whether it’s through food, music, a warm touch, or something else that is uniquely “mom,” we owe a lot to the nurturing care we received from our mothers and the mother-like figures that raised us. We hope you take some time today to reach out to all of the women in your life who helped build you into the person you are now – or remember those no longer with us who made a difference in your life. We’d also like to acknowledge the nurturing care our Soup Kitchen volunteers provide to our guests with each meal they make. Every kind gesture and expertly prepared meal warms the soul.

To our mothers: we love you.

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