A Special Invitation from Liz Guntle

My name is Liz Guntle, and I have volunteered with the Soup Kitchen of Muncie for eight or nine years now. My opportunity to serve came via the St. Mary Parish bulletin. I volunteered at church and a lot at the school there when my children attended. Two of the opportunities I had with other parishioners were women’s builds with Habitat for Humanity, and I began to feel called to also serve in some way outside of church, in the larger community. Before I could decide where to act, divine intervention placed an ad in the parish bulletin for volunteers to clean the Soup Kitchen.

Clean the Soup Kitchen? This was not really what I had in mind. But when our kids were young, we took many turns with others at church, picking up donuts at Marsh on Saturdays, and delivering them to the Soup Kitchen, so it was familiar. If I recall correctly back then, Soup Kitchen clients cleaned the lobby and dining room to earn bus passes from the Trustee. However, the kitchen area also needed deep cleaning. I guess there weren’t too many folks interested in volunteering every Saturday to clean, because Loretta put me to work!

My husband Steve started coming in to help me when SKM quit serving food on Saturdays for lack of volunteers. It was satisfying to us both, working behind the scenes, and there was always plenty to do. So much so, that eventually a wonderful lady (Shannon) was hired to clean during business hours several days a week.

A few years ago, a board member who shall not be named (Lois) asked if I would consider being on the Soup Kitchen’s board of directors. Two meetings in, the board secretary resigned, I was promoted, and am currently still serving as the secretary. Steve and I now clean every other Saturday, and help with related events as we can.

If you are looking for an opportunity to make a difference in our community, call the Soup Kitchen of Muncie! Don’t wait for a church bulletin. Consider this your invitation! We’ll still need extra hands once we’re back open for public service.

For further information on volunteering with the Soup Kitchen of Muncie, please contact us or call our executive director, Ms. Parsons, at (765) 287-8439 from 7:00 am – 11:00 am on Wednesday – Friday.