About Us

Our Mission

To feed the hungry of the Muncie Community with dignity and respect without regard to race, gender, sexuality, or religious preference.

Our Vision

The Soup Kitchen of Muncie is a safe place that promotes health, community, and equity. At the Soup Kitchen, individuals and families can come together to help one another.  The Soup Kitchen ensures that all people can access healthy food and make connections with community services to support their social and emotional wellbeing.

Our Values

We value:

Treating guests, volunteers, and staff with dignity and respect.

Being inclusive, nonjudgemental, and caring of those who avail themselves of our services.

Preparing healthy, nutritious food at a sustainable cost.

Providing a safe space for guests to eat, shelter from the weather, and interact socially; no questions asked.

Being good stewards of our resources.

Collaborating with others in the community to provide needed services to our guests. “Community taking care of community.”