The library is NOT bare. However …

Thanks to many generous people, the Little Lending Library at the Soup Kitchen of Muncie is not bare.  Vinnie, one of the volunteers, filled it this morning.  However, our young guests love to take a book to read and soon the library was again bare today.  Luckily, we had back up books so that all day we had books available for the children.  Since school is out, we have many children and the need for children’s books is great.  Can you help?

Parents get books for their children

Some parents also use the library to have materials in order to “teach” their children over the summer. What a great idea!

Please bring gently used books to the Soup Kitchen of Muncie any weekday from 7 – 11 am. Or donate $5 here for us to buy books. Maybe this could be a project for you and your children? Great way for them to learn to share and also a way to declutter.