The library is bare. Help!

The Little Free Library is bare.  School is just out for many children. However children need books to read all summer.  Unfortunately the library at the Soup Kitchen of Muncie is bare.  Can you help so that everyday it is full of exciting books for all ages to read?

Maybe you and your children could sort through their books at home.  Together you could select some books to donate to the Soup Kitchen of Muncie’s Little Free Library?  Could be a great way to teach your children to share with others.  If you don’t have kids or books to give, how about making a $10 donation.  We’d be glad to shop with your donation.  It’s easy to give to the Little Free Library.  Just click  here.

BY5 is a Muncie organization which donated the Little Free Library to the Soup Kitchen of Muncie. The goal of BY5 is to “improve opportunities for children aged 0-5 to reach their developmental potential”.  Reading is a critical component of development.

It’s great when there are books in the library.  In fact, young children often seem more interested in getting a book at the Soup Kitchen of Muncie than getting their food. Here are two happy children who got books when the library had books.  Please make it happen again.  Thanks.