It’s hard to say good-bye!

It is hard to say good-bye to the hard working Ball State University students who have volunteered at the Soup Kitchen of Muncie in 2019.  They will be missed.  However good students must always continue with their lives and their careers.  We hope that their volunteer experience will be long lasting and help them to have compassion for those less fortunate throughout their lives.

Many of the students came to volunteer at the Soup Kitchen of Muncie through Student Voluntary Services(SVS) at Ball State University.    SVS is one of 300 student organizations at BSU and one of the largest.  It was established in 1965.  Students who want to make a difference in the world or “have a positive  impact on the people who live in and around the Muncie community” or maybe just have fun join SVS.  There are over 100 local nonprofits who benefit from the service of the SVS volunteers.  We are so pleased to have these generous volunteers this semester.

Good-bye Maddie, Mathew, Hope, Megan, Rachel, Dusty, Allie, Reece, and Isabelle.  We wish you the best. Thanks!