Welcome Academy for Community Leadership

The Soup Kitchen of Muncie welcomed 15 members from a class of 30 of Academy for Community Leadership.  The Academy is a collaboration between Ball State University and the Muncie Delaware Chamber of Commerce.  Today the group learned about the mission of the Soup Kitchen of Muncie from the Director Loretta Parsons and also about the guests who come to eat.  They also experienced the importance of sanitation and food handling and the ServSafe Program.  The class asked many questions about how the menu was planned and developed.  It was a surprise to many that menus are often “written” quickly at the start of the day using what food is availableAlso surprising was the fact formal recipes are rarely used.

Members of the class helped prepare and serve food and did dining room and bathroom cleaning.  They also washed lots of pots!  Since there were 175 guests, the services of the class of the Academy of Community Leadership were greatly appreciated.

“Academy for Community Leadership seeks to inform, instruct, and involve promising young leaders in the study of the anatomy of a community and its component parts in order to meet the demand for informed, motivated leaders to serve as members of various community committees, task forces, and boards.”

Great group of people.  So glad they came to volunteer and to learn about the Soup Kitchen of Muncie.