The Soup Kitchen of Muncie is one of the few places where the homeless can get a free hot meal and a sack lunch without judgment or discrimination. Our soup kitchen relies solely on the generosity of the people and runs on donations. As such, we always appreciate people willing to donate their money and time.

There are many job requirements to volunteer at the Soup Kitchen of Muncie. A sincere heart for helping those in need is most important. If you still have no idea where to spend your free time, here are ten reasons why you should consider volunteering at the Soup Kitchen of Muncie

  1. It’s a gratifying experience. Volunteering may not make you rich, but it gives you something more valuable than money, happiness. Helping those who are in need brings that kind of satisfaction that no amount of money can buy.
  2. You make a difference in someone’s life. Food is a basic need, and no one should go hungry in our community, especially children.
  3. You meet like-minded people. You meet like-minded people who share your passion for helping others in need.
  4. It’s more than just giving back. As humans, it is our responsibility to help the more vulnerable community member.
  5. You learn about life. Part of meeting other people is learning about their life stories. Their experiences will teach you valuable lessons that you won’t learn about in books or movies.
  6. It helps you learn several life skills. There are lots of things you can do as a volunteer. If cooking is not your thing, you can always wash the dishes, serve the food, stack the shelves, or pick up food donations.
  7. You’re setting a good example. If you have kids or younger siblings, chances are they look up to you as a role model. Helping those in need enables you to set a good example for them, and it’s also an opportunity to teach them the importance of charity and empathy.
  8. It’s an opportunity for family bonding. Even young children can do something for the Soup Kitchen with their parents. You are molding your children to become responsible citizens and great human beings.
  9. It builds personal relationships. Volunteering at the Soup Kitchen teaches you to drop your prejudices and stereotypes. Instead, you learn to embrace people as they are and understand where they are coming from. You learn to sympathize with their sorrows and celebrate their victories.
  10. You learn to appreciate your blessings. Helping those in need helps put things into perspective. When you see people who are happy despite their dreary situations, you’ll realize that your problems are nothing compared to theirs. You start to appreciate the roof over your head, your job, your family, and the fact that you can eat whenever you want to.