Celebrate and be Thankful

Last year on July 12th, we celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the Gupta’s on July 14th,  and Naim’s 87th Birthday on July21st.  They provided the food for our meal and helped serve.  We had quite the celebration with cake shared by family, friends and all our guests at the soup kitchen.

This year on their 61th Anniversary and Naim’s 88th Birthday, we could not have the same celebration.   The Gupta’s decided to make a  donation to cover our needs,  as we have started serving sack lunches at the kitchen outside to go.   As Shailla said in her note ,  “they were happy to have the opportunity to provide  a drop of kindness in the ocean of need.”

We would like to thank the Gupta’s for their generous support of the soup kitchen over the years.  We appreciate their donation as  hard times have fallen on so many who are struggling with so much.

If you would like to donate please go to our website soupkitchenofmunice.org , click on donate.

Thank You