Have a Bountiful and Blessed Easter!

We hope that today brings you moments of joy and of peace. Many of you will be sitting down to plentiful Easter meals and most of the day will resemble your usual holiday – albeit without extended family.

Unfortunately, not everyone in our community has access to food on a typical day, let alone during a pandemic where finances are stretched thin when hours and wages are cut. If you know of someone in need and looking for help during these difficult times, please refer them to the nearest community resource that is available. Remember that some operations are going mobile and holding parking lot pantries, so dates, times, and locations may vary. You’ll want to check the organization’s website or social media to get the most current information.

We have been proud to support the endeavors of:

All of these organizations are following social distancing policies and doing their best to ensure workers and guests are as safe as possible. If you know of another organization providing critical support during this time, please tell us in the comments. Even if you don’t need these services, you can help by sharing this blog with others so that the information reaches those who might need it.