Wonderful donation of 40 pounds of lamb!

Can you guess what the Soup Kitchen of Muncie did with a wonderful donation 40 pounds of ground lamb?  We made a Hoosier version of moussaka. Guests loved the hearty, hot casserole on a chilly fall day.  The lamb was donated by the Russell Sheep Company.

Diane Russell, her husband Paul, and son Jeremy own the Russell Sheep Company in Eaton, IN.  They have the best lamb in the area.  It is featured on the menu at Park Place on Main  Restaurant in Fort Wayne as well as the Local Eatery and Pub in Westfield and Payne’s Restaurant in Gas City.  If you want to have their lamb on your own menu at home, you can buy it each Saturday at the farmers market at the Minnetrista.  Just see Diane.  She is always there with a smiling face.

Don’t know what to do with lamb?  Just talk with Diane at the market or see the Russell Sheep Farm web site for some recipe ideas.

Thank you Diane and the Russell Sheep Company for your generous donation of 40 pounds of lamb.  It allowed us to serve our guests a unique, quality product.  They loved it!  If you have not tried lamb recently, get some from the Russell Sheep Company and get ready for a treat.