Thank you local businesses for donations

Soup Kitchen of Muncie thanks local businesses for their food donations.  Many businesses donate but there are four local businesses that donate faithfully each week.  The local “stars” are Panera Bread, Little Caesars on Tillotson, Jacks Donuts, and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels.  We depend on local businesses for food donations and wish more would be so generous.  It’s easy to come “on board.”  Call the Executive Director, Ms. Parsons and set up your plan (765-287-8439 from 7 – 11 am).

Muncie and Delaware County has many who are in need of food. Recently Delaware County ranked 2nd highest county in percent of residents living below the poverty level. Therefore it is understandable that Soup Kitchen of Muncie serves nearly 70,00 meals per year to guests.  Having local businesses as partners is important.  In fact, local business donations are absolutely essential to being able to offer food to all who come hungry to our doors.  Any type of food can be used.  We love being creative with even unusual things.  Think –  the donation of 20 pounds of parsnips that came today!

Each Monday Panera Bread donates an incredible amount of bread and pastries.  Guests look forward to the tasty treats, Danish, cookies and bread, each week.  We use the sliced bread for sack dinner sandwiches that guests take home for their evening meal.  The amount of Panera Bread donations reaches in the thousands of dollars annually.

Little Caesar‘s on Tillotson Avenue sends boxes and boxes of pizza each week.  Guests LOVE having a slice of Little Caesar Pizza  in their sack dinners.  This donation allows us to add a variation to the usual dinner fare – not just a cold meat sandwich!

Who likes donuts?  Everyone including our guests!  Thanks to Jack Donuts  our guests can enjoy THE best donuts in Muncie.  It’s wonderful for them to have the opportunity to experience the best – not just some handout.  Although needy, we think our guests deserve the best – just what we would want to eat.  Jack’s makes this possible.

Need a little “extra” while shopping at the mall?  Go to Auntie Anne’s Pretzels.  They have incredible pretzels and they are willing to share with the Soup Kitchen of Muncie.  Our guests love having a little extra just as we all do.

Please patronize these local businesses for their donations– Panera Bread, Little Caesar’s on Tillotson, Jacks Donuts, and Auntie Annie’s.  They truly have a Muncie community spirit and certainly deserve our support!  Thank you.  Think about being a part of this group of businesses who care about the hungry in Muncie.  Call 765-287-8439 and talk with Ms. Parsons.  Thanks.