How do you say goodbye to a great volunteer?

Gretchen is really leaving.  It’s  hard to say goodbye.  It takes much more than a rhubarb crumb cake to let her go.  We are going to miss her.  She and Karl, her husband, are headed to Memphis where he will teach at Rhodes College.  Gretchen has been a volunteer at the Soup Kitchen of Muncie for two years.  Some of that time she has been in the kitchen.  Since she took a position about a year ago as a graphic designer at Minnetrista, she has been doing volunteer graphic design and computer work for the Soup Kitchen of Muncie.  It was through her expertise and efforts that the Soup Kitchen of Muncie was able to sell 2018 annual benefit dinner tickets on Eventbrite resulting is a sell out event.  What a gal!

When she arrived in Muncie two years ago Gretchen said she decided to volunteer as a way to make new friends and be of service to her new hometown.  She recommends volunteering as a great way to get to know what is really happening in an area.  She and Karl live in the downtown Muncie.  They like the urban setting having moved to Indiana from Brooklyn, NY.  She says it is a great location to run into friends and people they know.  Just saw them walking the streets to different galleries at the recent First Thursday Art Event.  They have embraced the cultural scene of downtown.

Sorry to see Gretchen leave the Soup Kitchen of Muncie and our city.  In the short time she has lived here, she has made a big impact.  Thanks for all and good luck!

We would love to have you as a volunteer.  Make new friends and serve the needy in the community.  Do it online at the web site.