Generous Farmers Market Vendors

Each Saturday at the end of the  Minnetrista Farmers Market many of the vendors generously donate their extra products to the Soup Kitchen of Muncie.  Board members and some of the volunteers collect donations “when the bell rings” at noon.  At the start of the season there are few products but now that summer is in full swing, there is a great bounty of items.  Recently 4 wagons were overflowing with donations.

These donations are an excellent source of fresh produce for the Soup Kitchen of Muncie!  We receive donations such as tomatoes, squash, onions, corn, garlic, and cucumbers just to name a few.  These items are used in a variety of meals that are prepared in our kitchen. All of the vendors at the Farmer’s Market at Minnetrista have been extremely kind in their donations and willingness to hear the mission of the Soup Kitchen of Muncie. Many of the vendors have provided a large quantity of food! Each vendor that has donated has helped the Muncie community by supplying food to our talented cooks who create delicious meals for our visitors. We are eager to utilize any foods that our vendors are willing to donate!  In the picture gallery there are some pictures of food prepared with donated fresh veggies.

If you have a garden that is producing more than you can use, think of donating to the Soup Kitchen of Muncie.  Someone is at the kitchen from 7 – 11 am Monday through Friday to receive your extra food.  We have many people to feed each day.  Some days it can be over 180 guests.  It takes a lot of food to make that many hot meals plus an equal number of sack dinners for guests to take for their evening meal .  Summer is our busiest time of the year especially when we have many children to feed.