What happens when 14 year old gets whipped cream?

Whipped cream is the perfect topping for a tasty dessert.  We all know that! It can also become almost a toy for a 14 year old who believes in having fun.  Oliver loves to have fun and he loves working with whipped cream.  He is a great volunteer this summer at the Soup Kitchen of Muncie.

He will be sophomore at Muncie Central High School in the fall.  We appreciate having him and Selma, his mother, as volunteers.  They are hard workers and they add a bit of diversity to the volunteer ranks.  They are from Brazil.

Summer is a great time to introduce young people to being of service to others.  Such an experience broadens their outlook on life.  It can also make them feel of real value.   If you or someone you know would like to volunteer, please go to our web site.