On April 20, the Soup Kitchen of Muncie hosted our very first gala.

With the help of community partners Fred Reese, Sara Gullion, Michelle Kinsey, and Laura Williamson we were able to present an awesome evening for our sponsors and guests.

Celebrating our 30th anniversary, we wanted to present something different to our guests.  From the live art to the silent auction to the jazz band from Ball State, there was much to do and see.

The food served was amazing, created by the chefs at the Horizon Convention Center, we served an amazing array of tapas. Our guests were able to roam at leisure to check everything out and visit with each other. Through all of this we were able to raise some funds for the purpose of the Soup Kitchen to feed the hungry in Muncie and Delaware County.

We have been reconciling the income from the event. We are estimating $92,915 dollars from our guests and sponsors.

This is enough revenue to serve 31,000 meals to our guests!

We can’t thank you all enough, helping us achieve this goal. For 30 years we have been able to serve the Muncie and Delaware County community because of your generosity.

As I stated at the Gala, we served almost 80,000 meals in 2023, our biggest year since we started in 1994. This year looks to be trending even higher, and our average served per day has risen to 175.

With the cost of food these days we are thankful for this blessing that the community of Muncie as given us. We can continue to serve anyone who is hungry, no questions asked.

                                                               Please take a look at our pictures from the evening on Facebook. 


Loretta Parsons, Executive Director