Soup Kitchen of Muncie Fish Fry, April 1st

Get your tickets for the Soup Kitchen of Muncie Fish Fry, April 1.

It’s no joke…March and April just wouldn’t be the same in the Midwest without a good ole Friday evening Fish Fry, and the Soup Kitchen of Muncie is having one on April Fool’s Day this year.

You have to indulge in a little history of the fish fry first, then you can find out all the important info about getting tickets for the Soup Kitchen’s Fish Fry.

Here’s an excerpt from the Fish Fry Chronicles blog (yes this is a real blog) about how the fish fry came to the Midwest:

Most people point to early European immigrants (especially German Catholics) who settled in Midwestern states like Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana, and brought their Catholic practice of abstaining from meat (plus love of fishing) with them.

Prohibition might have also played a part in establishing fish frys as a full-on social event. According to Wisconsin lore, fish frys took off in the 1920s and 1930s when pubs were unable to sell alcohol. Fried fish dinners were seen as a very profitable source of new income as fish were plentiful from the many lakes, as well as relatively low cost to make a dinner out of.  They served them with sides like coleslaw, potato salad, and fries. Some bars even used the fish dinners to disguise speakeasies, taking advantage of the fragrant oil smell.

2022 Fish Fry details

Well, now that you know a little history of the Midwest fish fry, we hope that you will join us for the tradition on April 1 from 4:30-7 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus in Muncie, 3600 W. Purdue Ave., Muncie, IN 47304.

You can dine in or carryout.

The menu will be fish and chicken, fries, slaw, cookie and a beverage.

Tickets are $12 for adults, $7 for kids 6-12, and kids 5 and under can eat for free.

You can purchase tickets in advance by contacting a Soup Kitchen of Muncie Board, buy them online at , or pay at the door.

All proceeds from the Fish Fry help to purchase food and supplies, including a hot meal and a sack lunch, to those in need.

Volunteers needed

The Soup Kitchen is also looking for volunteers to help make our Fish Fry a success. If you would like to help set up, serve, clean up, work the carryout line, etc., on the night of the Fish fry please contact the Soup Kitchen events committee at