Here we are in November of  2020.  One year ago  none of us would have even thought we would be where we are today.

I had never even heard of ZOOM, now my life is consumed by ZOOM almost daily.

The Soup Kitchen of Muncie has seen and done things to keep going that we would never have imagined.  We had to cancel several events this year that bring in support to keep us operating.

We had to shut down back in March, but we continued helping others serve our community. We opened serving outside with sack lunches and moved into cooking hot meals again.  We have evaluated our operation and how we can social distance and keep our volunteers, guests, and staff safe.  As many organizations have had to do the same, we came together with the direction of the United Way of Delaware and Henry County to see how we could help each other during this difficult time.  There have been collaboration and sharing of resources as we all pivot to serving our community in new ways.   We have been connected to groups and agencies that we did not know a year ago.  So much has changed, which we miss every day, but much has changed for the better and given us new opportunities to serve others.

As we approach the holidays and think of different ways to celebrate Thanksgiving I want to ask you to think about what you are thankful for this year.  As you cook the turkey and watch the parade or football, and get ready to jingle your bells, please think about helping us continue to serve our community in 2020 and into 2021.

I am so thankful for all our donors that continue to give during this hard time. I am so thankful for the volunteers who have continued to come to the kitchen and prepare food, package sack lunches and hot meals and serve to our guests each day. I am thankful to our staff that keeps us clean and safe every day.  I am thankful for our board of directors for guidance and support.  We could not do what we do without all of you.  I am thankful for our guest that we can serve, as their daily struggle is hard, and in 2020 became even more insurmountable.

As we face these struggles each day I want to ask that you consider supporting us for our GIVING TUESDAY initiative.

Please visit our FACEBOOK page starting on Friday, November 27th  through next Tuesday, December 1st.  You will see our post each day relating to our needs. Please like and share as many times as you can during this campaign.  The more you like and share the more our message gets out there and the donations we receive will support our cause.

Which is to serve a hot meal to anyone who is hungry.

Giving is made easy as there will be a link to click on the post, that will take you to our donation page and you can securely give back to your community.  As you read this blog on our webpage you can click on the donation button at the top and go straight to our donation page.  Remember to like and share on Facebook many times a day.  Please help us keep serving our community through 2020 into 2021 and beyond.

I wish you all a blessed holiday season.  Stay safe and healthy/.

Loretta Parsons

Executive Director

Soup Kitchen of Muncie.