Conversations and Crucial Donations

If you follow The Soup Kitchen of Muncie on Facebook, we try to give shout-outs and a thank you every now and then to the wonderful cooking donations that individuals from the community provide us throughout the year. Some of the crucial donations that we receive are vegetable oil, flour, cake mixes, sugar and other items. These cooking items helps us be creative with the dishes that we provide to our guests.

Nutritious meal provided for guests of the Soup Kitchen of Muncie.
This meal was double pork chops over stuffing with mushroom gravy, Southern style greens, tomato and scallion salad, fruit, and brownies. 

Many think that The Soup Kitchen of Muncie provides just soup. When hearing this, we love the opportunity to inform individuals that we provide more than just soup, we provide a variety of excellent meals Monday-Friday. These meals are created through our staff, wonderful volunteers, and experienced volunteer chefs.

Whenever there is an opportunity to talk about The Soup Kitchen of Muncie, it is a sense of pride to discuss an organization that is well run, fiscally responsible, and creative in the ways in which we serve the community and our guests. Providing hearty meals for approximately $1.60 per person is a testament to the passion, creativity, and dedication of the excellent staff, volunteers, and volunteer chefs who always find creative ways to make meals out of what we have.

One such conversation was with Bart and Erika Ware. We were talking about The Soup Kitchen of Muncie and the various items that our kitchen needs on a regular basis in order to provide the meals we do – items such as vegetable oil, flour, cake mixes, sugar, etc. The following week, Bart and Erika, along with Erika’s parents Cathy and Tim Stringer, had donated 50 pounds of flour and five pounds of cake mix! First off, THANK YOU Bart, Erika, Cathy, and Tim! Second, their donation shows that when individuals hear the story of what The Soup Kitchen of Muncie can do with these products for the people of the Muncie community, people are very willing to make a very impactful donation of goods.

We, of course, accept donations of the cooking materials listed above; however, there are plenty of other ways to donate, too! On April 4, 2020, you could attend our annual dinner and the funds raised at that event will help cover our expenses. You may also donate via our website, by clicking the donate button, or you could donate by volunteering your time. Thank you to everyone has donated in the past, present, and future, and help us serve 70,000 meals in 2020!

By Ben Peak, Vice President of the Soup Kitchen of Muncie